Bucharest Salon

International Photographic Art Salon of Bucharest

Second edition, Bucharest, 2021

Dear Photo lovers,
These are unusual times that have changed entirely our daily life.
Fear and suspicion have entered our souls, friendship bonds have been torn away and we all are prisoners in our homes. We are no longer able to make distinction between good and evil, between day and night, we have lost our clear judgement and the landmarks our lives.
However, in spite of all these, we must keep our hearts open, and love, and go on dreaming.
By keeping up with this optimistic view, I invite you, dear photography fans, to participate to the International Salon of Photographic Art Bucharest 2021. This is a good opportunity to see that our passion for photography is a permanent source of satisfaction and extraordinary joy.

Best and friendly regards,
Eugen Negrea EFIAP
Salon Chairman