Bucharest Salon

Photographic Art Salon of Bucharest 2022

Dear friends of photography,
I invite you to participate with your photographs at the 3 ͬ ͩ edition of the Photographic Art Salon of Bucharest 2022. Either amateurs or professionals, no matter what distinctions you have been awarded during your activity as photographers or if, on the contrary, you are beginners, all of you are welcome to take part to the celebration of photography hosted by the capital town of Romania.
You are invited to take the opportunity to enlist your best photographs which show your feelings with respect to your fellow men, your admiration for nature and your emotion linked to different happy moments of your life. Your talent to immortalize unique moments as well your artistry in depicting with the help of light rays everlasting stories are worth being admired and congratulated accordingly. And more than that, your work can be a source of inspiration for all those who wish and strive to discover the essential values of our contemporary world.

Good luck to all participants !
Eugen Negrea EFIAP
Art Photographers Association from Romania